Madison, Wisconsin

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A Taste of Madison, Wisconsin

did you know?
  1. Madison is the capital of the U.S. state of Wisconsin and the county seat of Dane County. As of the 2010 census, Madison had a population of 233,209, making it the second largest city in Wisconsin, after Milwaukee.

  2. Economy:  Wisconsin state government and the University of Wisconsin–Madison remain the top two Madison employers. However, Madison's economy today is evolving from a government-based economy to a consumer services and high-tech base, particularly in the health, biotech and advertising sectors. Beginning in the early 1990s, the city experienced a steady economic boom and has been less affected by recession. Much of the expansion has occurred on the city's south and west sides, but it has also affected the east side near the Interstate 39-90-94 interchange and along the northern shore of Lake Mendota.

  3. Education:  According to Forbes magazine, Madison ranks second in the nation in education. It is home to the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Edgewood College, Madison Area Technical College and Madison Media Institute, giving the city a student population of nearly 50,000. The University of Wisconsin contributes the vast majority of these, with roughly 41,000 students enrolled, of whom 30,750 are undergraduates. This makes it one of the largest public universities in the United States. It is consistently rated among the top public post-secondary schools in the country. In a Forbes magazine city ranking from 2003, Madison had the highest number of Ph.D.s per capita, and third highest college graduates per capita, among ranked cities in the United States.

  4. Culture:  Among the city's various neighborhood fairs and celebrations are two large student-driven gatherings, the Mifflin Street Block Party and the State Street Halloween Party. Rioting and vandalism at the State Street gathering in 2004 and 2005 led the city to institute a cover charge for the 2006 celebration. In an attempt to give the event more structure (and to eliminate opportunity for vandalism), the city and student organizations worked together to schedule performances by bands, and to organize activities. The event has been named "Freakfest On State Street." Events such as these have helped contribute to the city's nickname of "Madtown."

  5. The median income for a household in the city was $41,941, and the median income for a family was $59,840. Males had a median income of $36,718 versus $30,551 for females. The per capita income for the city was $23,498. About 5.8% of families and 15.0% of the population were below the poverty line, including 11.4% of those under age 18 and 4.5% of those age 65 or over.

  6. Climate:  Madison, along with the rest of the state, has a humid continental climate, characterized by variable weather patterns and a large seasonal temperature variance: winter temperatures can be well below freezing, with moderate to occasionally heavy snowfall; high temperatures in summer average in the lower 80s, reaching 90 °F on an average 12 days per year, often accompanied by high humidity levels. The warmer months usually see the greater precipitation.

Radio Stations

WJQM 93.1 FM De Forest, WI Hip Hop
WIXL (LPFM) 97.1 FM Madison, WI Christian Contemporary
WTLX 100.5 FM Monona, WI Sports
WZEE 104.1 FM Madison, WI Top-40
WTSO 1070 AM Madison, WI Sports


Demographics of Madison, Wisconsin

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Because Hispanics could be counted in other races, the totals above could possibly be more than 100%. If you would like a detailed listing of all ethnic groups in the U.S., please Click Here.


submitted articles


University of Wisconsin-Madison news release

MADISON, Wis. — Texting can make the heart grow fonder. That is just one of the findings of the latest research from Catalina Toma, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Results show that even couples who live close to one another rely heavily on mobile media to manage their dating relationships. And that can be a good thing, Toma says.

“There’s a sense of maintaining an emotional connection and that your partner is psychologically close,” Toma says. “It might seem trivial, but it’s really relationship maintenance.”

While much research has been done studying the uses and effects of new communication technologies in long-distance relationships, Toma was curious about other couples.

“I wanted to know to what extent couples who live close to one another rely on technology to communicate and how it affects their relationship experience,” Toma says.

For the study, more than 200 undergraduate students who live near their partner answered an online survey about how they use mobile communications to stay in touch.

A main goal of the study was to examine whether the quality of media use was associated with an increase in relationship satisfaction by boosting partner idealization, a process whereby individuals perceive their romantic partners in unrealistically positive ways. Research shows that idealization contributes substantially to the satisfaction individuals derive from relationships, Toma says.

“Idealization is necessary in romantic relationships. If you don’t think your partner is more special than everyone else, you won’t be as satisfied.”

The survey included statements such as “my partner and I understand each other completely” that participants were asked to grade on a scale. They were also asked to grade how much their partner meets their needs.

The survey shows that high quality communication through mobile media fostered partner idealization, which in turn increased relational satisfaction. Mobile media use contributes to relational satisfaction and can be a practical way to contribute to satisfaction in dating relationships, Toma says.

The most frequent medium used was texting, followed by phone calls, Facebook, instant messaging, Twitter, email, video chatting and, least of all, video games.

The survey showed that participants spent an average of more than two hours texting with their romantic partners on a daily basis. However, this high average was due to the presence of a few outliers; the median was 60 minutes per day. For phone calls, participants reported spending an average of a little under half an hour talking with their romantic partners each day.

“We found the quantity didn’t matter as much,” Toma says. “High quality communication was predictive of being satisfied in the relationship.”

Both phone calls and texting were seen by partners as high quality communication methods, meaning their interactions were satisfying, rewarding and positive.

All that texting might have some people rolling their eyes and wondering why those who live near one another need to be in constant communication.

“There are people who view it as superfluous, but it’s not. It signals, ‘I’m thinking about you,’” Toma says. The bottom line, Toma says, is that technology is here to stay. How we use it, especially in relationships, is up to us.

“It’s a tool, just like a hammer,” Toma says. “You can use it to break into a house or to build one.”

To read the full report, visit


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Famous Blacks from Madison, Wisconsin


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Businesses in Madison, Wisconsin

A small percentage of the businesses listed on may not necessarily be black owned and operated but have received favorable reviews from users who have visited the establishment, or from the owners themselves who warmly seek out African American patronage.


  1. Divas Salon -  Category: Black Hair Salons -  3167 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704 (608) 241-5929

  2. En Vogue -  Category: Black Hair Salons -  1810 South Park Street Madison, WI 53713 (608) 255-6011

  3. Head Games Salon -  Category: Black Hair Salons -  1715 Thierer Rd. , Madison, WI (608) 242-8880

  4. Indulge Spa -  Category: Day Spa -  Full Service Day Spa offering massage therapy, skin care, nail care, body treatments and hair removal.   - 4339 E Towne Way - Madison, WI (608) 249-7047  - (visit website)

  5. Paulette's Professional Hair Braiding & Weaving -  Category: Black Hair Salons -  4222 Milwaukee Street Madison, WI 53714 (608) 244-2878

  6. T's House of Hair -  Category: Black Hair Care -   1810 Park St. #204 - Madison, WI (608) 535-9wig (9944)  - (visit website)



  1. African & American Store -  Category: African Goods Store -   2750 East Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53704-5041 (608) 241-2780

  2. BPI Environmental and Insulation -  Category: Environmental and Insulation Services -  Family owned and operated with 20+ years of experience in residential and commercial contracting. We pride ourselves in providing quality services tailored to your needs, while making a concious effort to always be environmentally responsible.   - 1833 Fisher Street Madison, Wisconsin (608) 213-7938  - (visit website)

  3. Colbert/Ball Tax Service -  Category: Tax Service -   1325 Greenway Cross Madison, WI 53713  - (visit website)

  4. Dana J. Warren -  Category: Tupperware Consultant -   (608) 833-5703

  5. DJ Chill -  Category: DJ Services -   2701 University Ave. Suite 2-321 Madison, WI 53705 (708) 712-5212

  6. Foster Funeral & Cremation Service -  Category: Funeral Services -  Providing Families with Affordable Funeral and Cremation Service.   - 2109 Luann Ln Madison, Wisconsin (608) 661-3678  - (visit website)

  7. Larry Sain -  Category: Publishing Services -   424 Soth Park Street Madison, WI (608) 257-5132 - (visit website)

  8. Madison Area Technical College -  Category: College -   3550 Anderson St., Room 222 Madison, WI 53704  - (visit website)

  9. McDowell & Associates HR Services LLC -  Category: Consulting Services -   1 Elver Court Madison, Wisconsin 53719 (608) 274-6353  - (visit website)

  10. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. -  Category: Legal Services -   Madison, Wisconsin (608) 695-2102

  11. RB Publishing, Inc. -  Category: Publishing Services -   Madison, Wisconsin (608) 442-5062 - (visit website)

  12. RoyTek Website Designs -  Category: Website Design Services -   Madison, Wisconsin 53717 (608) 576-4526  - (visit website)

  13. TaxMann Tax & Accounting Service -  Category: Accounting Services -   107 Nygard Street Madison, WI 53713 (608) 256-4176

  14. TEAM Consultants -  Category: Consulting Services -  We are a national provider of technology resource solutions to small and mid-size companies including sourcing for federal and state agencies. From single development resource needs to staffing entire project teams.   - 114 Village Green Lane Madison, Wisconsin (608) 287-4865  - (visit website)

  15. Truesdell Photography -  Category: Photography Services -   Madison, WI (608) 278-7117

  16. Umoja Magazine -  Category: Publishing Services -  PO Box 2063, Madison, WI 53701-2063 (608) 242-1476  - (visit website)

  17. 100 Black Men of Madison, Inc. -  Category: Community Services -   P.O. Box 787 Madison, WI 53701-0787 (608) 205-8572  - (visit website)



  1. Bali & Soul -  Category: Soulfood - Catering -  931 E Main St # 14, Madison, WI 53703-2957 (608) 257-9399

  2. Buraka -  Category: East African -  543 State Street (608) 255-3646

  3. Jada's Soul Food & Catering -  Category: Soulfood -  1616 Beld St Madison, WI 53715 (608) 255-5293  - (visit website)

  4. JJ Fish & Chicken -  Category: Chicken-Seafood -  2835 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704 (608) 242-4444

  5. Melly Mells -  Category: Soulfood - Catering -  (608) 213-3020

  6. Myles Teddy Wedgers -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -   101 State Street, Madison Wi (608) 335-6181   - (visit website)

  7. Papa Bear's BBQ -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  4527 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, WI 53716-1205 (608) 222-2374   - (visit website)



Campbell Bros Band at the Marquette Waterfront Festival, Madison, WI


Jobs from Indeed




  1. Christ the Solid Rock Baptist -  1502 Parkside Dr. Madison, WI. 53714 (608) 241-9796

  2. Deeper Life Full Gospel Church -  809 N. Thompson Dr. 208 Madison, WI. 53704

  3. End Time Int'l Ministries -  906 Ann St. Madison, WI. 53713

  4. Faith Community Christian Church -  605 Spruce St. Madison, WI. 53715 (608) 255-8484

  5. Faith, Hope, and Love Christian -  51 Tower Dr. Sun Prairie, WI. 53590 - (visit website)

  6. Fountain of Life Family Worship -  633 W. Badger Rd. Madison, WI. 53713 (608) 257-5433

  7. Life of Faith Int'l Church -  807 White Pine Pass Tomah, WI. 54660 - (visit website)

  8. Logos Int'l Deliverance Ministries -  7176 Tree Lane Madison, WI. 53717

  9. Mount Zion Baptist Church -  2019 Fisher St. Madison, WI. 53713 (608) 255-5270  - (visit website)

  10. New Beginnings Alliance Church -  602 Acewood Blvd. Madison, WI. 53714 (608) 288-0797  - (visit website)

  11. Northside Christian Assembly -  709 Northport Dr Madison, WI. 53704 (608) 241-1474

  12. Now Faith Int'l Ministries -  1711 Thierer Rd Madison, WI. 53714

  13. Second Baptist Church -  4303 Britta Parkway Madison, WI. 53711 (608) 278-1430  - (visit website)

  14. S.S. Morris AME Community Church -  3511 Milwaukee St. Madison, WI. 53714 (608) 249-4555

  15. St. Paul AME Church -  4525 Diamond Dr. Madison, WI. 53714 (608) 242-9728

  16. True Worshipers Community Church -  2924 Fish Hatchery Rd. Madison, WI. 53713

  17. Zion City Int'l Church Ministries -  2509 McDivitt Rd Madison, WI.53713  - (visit website)



  1. Madison Allied Community Gospel Choir  CommunityM.A.C.G.C. is a program of the Nehemiah Center For Urban Leadership Development, Madison, WI. A volunteer choir providing inspirational performances primarily consisting of contemporary gospel music.   (608) 616-9376 (visit website)

Madison Gospel Choir   University of Wisconsin Madison Gospel Choir (video)


  1. Cafe Montmartre -  Category: Nightclub -  Urban, Hip-Hop, Jazz  - 127 E Mifflin St Madison, WI 53703 (608) 255-5900

  2. Comedy Club on State -  Category: Comedy Club -   202 State Street, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 256-0099   - (visit website)

  3. Rainbow Room -  Category: Nightclub -  College Bar, Hip-Hop, House  - 121 W Main St Madison, WI 53703 (608) 251-5830



  1. African American Medical Alumni Reunion
    (October)  Location: Health Science Learning Center in Madison , Wisconsin   - (visit website)

    Of the University of Wisconsin Medical School

  2. Jazz at Five
    (August)  Location: State St Madison, Wisconsin 53703

    Popular concert series floods upper State Street with the awesome strains of local jazz.

  3. Taste of Madison
    (September)  Location: Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin 53703

    Representing more than 60 of Madison's best restaurants. Sample tastings.




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