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What makes a town special? The people who live in it. Special-interest stories about your town and its people are always something worth talking about and sharing with others.

 share african american news and opinions encourages you the barber, school teacher, mail delivery person, cheerleader, bus driver, you everyday folks to tell your story, share your views and opinions about the happenings of your great town or anything else that’s on your mind. Topics are left up to you, the eyes, ears and voice of the town.

Did you witness an accident downtown? Did your son/daughter score the winning basket at the buzzer? Do you have a gripe about a decision made by the City Council? Don’t keep it inside. Share it. What interests you probably interests others in the community.

Post your release to and it will get out to local media outlets with a click of the mouse. Share photos of your town’s unique historical venues, candid photos of your town’s citizens or perhaps a video from local festivals or other events.

(optional) If sending pictures, please in jpg/jpeg or gif format only.

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