Austin, Texas

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A Taste of Austin, Texas

did you know?

  1. Austin is the capital of the U.S. state of Texas and the seat of Travis County. Austin has a population of 786,386 (2009 U.S. Census estimate).

  2. In 1860, 38% of Travis County residents were slaves. In 1861, with the outbreak of the American Civil War, voters in Austin and other Central Texas communities voted against secession. However, as the war progressed and fears of attack by Union forces increased, Austin contributed hundreds of men to the Confederate forces. The African American population of Austin swelled dramatically after the enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas by Union General Gordon Granger at Galveston in an event commemorated as Juneteenth. Black communities such as Wheatville, Pleasant Hill, and Clarksville were established around Austin by these newcomers.

  3. Austin is considered to be a major center for high tech. Thousands of graduates each year from the engineering and computer science programs at The University of Texas at Austin provide a steady source of employees that help to fuel Austin's technology and defense industry sectors.

  4. The skyline has drastically changed in recent years, and the residential real estate market has remained relatively strong. Downtown growth has been aided by the presence of a popular live music and nightlife scene, museums, restaurants, and Lady Bird Lake, considered one of the city's best recreational spots. South by Southwest (SXSW) is hosted downtown and is one of the largest music festivals in the United States, with more than 2,000 performers playing in more than 90 venues around Downtown Austin over four days, in March.

  5. Austinites take pride in personal eccentricities. Austin is the only major Texas city that has no ordinance against women appearing topless in public. "Keep Austin Weird" has become a local motto in recent years, featured on bumper stickers and t-shirts. This motto has not only been used in promoting Austin's eccentricity and diversity, but is also meant to bolster support of local independent businesses.

  6. Austin was selected as the No. 2 Best Big City in "Best Places to Live" by Money magazine in 2006, and No. 3 in 2009, and also the "Greenest City in America" by MSN. According to Travel & Leisure magazine, Austin ranks No. 1 on the list of cities with the best people, referring to the personalities and attributes of the citizens.

  7. Austin has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters. On average, Austin receives 33.6 inches of rain per year, with most of the precipitation in the spring, and a secondary maximum in the fall. Austin is usually at least partially sunny, receiving nearly 2650 hours, or 60.3% of the possible total, of bright sunshine per year. Austin summers are usually hot and humid, with average July and August highs in the mid-90s °F. Winters in Austin are mild and relatively dry. For the entire year, Austin averages 88 days below 45 °F and 24 days when the minimum temperature falls below freezing.

Radio Stations

KNLE 88.1 FM Round Rock, TX Christian Contemporary
KAZI 88.7 FM Austin, TX Urban Contemporary
KOOP 91.7 FM Hornsby, TX Variety
KHFI 96.7 FM Georgetown, TX Top-40
K246BD (KTXX) 97.1 FM Sunset Valley, TX Sports
K259AJ (KLBJ) 99.7 FM Austin, TX News/Talk
K261DW (KDRP) 100.1 FM Henly, TX Variety
KPEZ 102.3 FM Austin, TX Hip Hop
KTXX 104.9 FM Bee Cave, TX Sports


submitted articles

Up Tour 2016 ATX Premiere of NAME DROPPING

- Diakonos Ministries & Acting Bad Productions Presents Historical Drama NAME DROPPING by Frank Corey Shields Sunday, July 31, 2016 @ 4pm -

Up Tour 2016 ATX Premiere of NAME DROPPING

Austin, TX (July 01, 2016) – The Wake Up Tour Premiere production of Name Dropping will showcase at the Don T. Haynes, Jr., Theater of LBJ High School, July 31, 2016, at 4pm, courtesy of Diakonos Ministries and Acting Bad Productions.

The Wake Up Tour challenges it’s audience to choose a more positive and enhancing self-regard as a necessity of life. This time-bending premiere explores the nature of self-identification and questions the cost of burying the past in pursuit of the future. It’s about choosing your being by choosing your name.

The play is written by Frank Corey Shields, award winning Filmmaker, Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, and Playwright from Houston, TX, known for Street Tales of Terror (2004), Peri’l (2006), and The Insured (2011).

Name Dropping examines the concept of racial labeling, a practice initiated by Europeans after the slave trade to classify and ostracize African descendants forcibly relocated to America. During the span of African descendants in America, representatives from each era of Name Dropping are instrumental in helping persons of color self-identify. Despite over five centuries in the U.S., the communities of African descendants still search for their proper designation. The “names” Negro, Colored, Black, African American, and yes, the notorious N Word discuss their troubled pasts and complicated futures to determine whose name drops next.

The Wake Up Tour’s most recent project involved casting, directing, and engineering the sold out debut and encore production of a stage play about mental challenges and substance abuse, The Pink Elephant In the Middle of the Getto, written by local Poet, Author, Playwright, and Actor, Trina “TiTi Ladette” Cleveland.

Partnering with The Wake Up Tour is Diakonos Ministries led by Pastor AJ Quinton and their “Serving Beyond Sunday” belief to embrace, educate, and empower individuals shown by their “Church in the Park” services.

“Church in the Park” is where The Wake Up Tour Founders, Curtis Von of #ActingBad Productions, E’tian LaRue of #NOMAD Productions, and Sonya Lyne of #getACTIVE Productions converged to serve Diakonos.

Von is a seasoned actor who played a major role in the Black Cinema Classic, Jason’s Lyric (1994), and toured with Tyler Perry’s epic stage play, Why Did I Get Married. LaRue is a Harold J. Haynes’ Encore Theater Hall of Famer. Lyne is a Texas Longhorn graduate, NCAA Volleyball National Championship Runner-Up, MVP, Team Captain, and Endowed Scholarship recipient with international experience playing for CJD Berlin in Germany.

The Wake Up Tour premiere of Name Dropping will showcase local artisans from the greater Austin area with handmade beauty products by Black Butterfly Bath and Body owner Gloria Manor, handmade jewelry by Dovie’s owner Ayana Flewellen, handmade garments by A’freeCaa Clothing owner Tyga’zo Juniior, canvas artwork by Fenomenal “Flashe” Empire CEO Ashely “Flashe” Gordon, plus graphic tees designed by the founders of The Wake Up Tour, and autographed books by Amazon & Kindle Bestselling Author, TiTi Ladette.

Energizing the show is Emcee, Mr. Mareyo, Poet, Artist, and Entertainer from spoken word haven, Killeen, TX. Post show elements include a Q&A with the cast to answer questions and an audience participation raffle.

Fatima Mann & Chas Moore of the Austin Justice Coalition, Ronnie Russell, CEO of Texas Black Pages, Killeen, TX, and LaKenya Mason and Margaret Haule, Co-Directors of Black Lives Matter Austin will serve our event culture with high quality, community engagement information as Resource Vendors. Black Pflugerville, Jump On It Concerts & Outreach, and Good People 4 Good Cause, local community organizations, will function as tour sponsors, while Complete Culture Radio & TV host DJ Rubina Iqbal will live stream promotional broadcasts while NOKOA Newspaper runs headlines.

Sunday, July 31 at 4:00pm

Don T. Haynes, Jr., Theater of LBJ High School, 7309 Lazy Creek Drive, Austin, TX 78724

Black Butterfly Bath & Body Shop, 811 E. 13th Street, Austin, TX, 78702, PH: 512.673.3126

$30 VIP / $25 DOOR / $20 ADVANCE

VIP audience members receive: 1)-personalized tickets, 2)-a FREE autographed playbill, 3)-early entry access to 4)-an “All Things African” boutique themed resource and retail venue as backdrop for 5)-a cast and crew “Meet & Greet” atmosphere complete with 6)-a professional photo shoot landscape laced with smooth jazz tunes and good vibes.

Sonya ‘Lyne’ Parker
Public Relations Concierge
MO: 737.484.7006
FB: Sonya Lyne (#getACTIVE)


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Kino Lorber



- Directed by Keith Maitland Executive Produced by Meredith Vieira & Luke Wilson -


On July 31st, almost 50 years to the anniversary of our country's first mass school shooting, the Bullock Texas State History Museum, in Austin, TX, will hold an honorary screening of Keith Maitland's award-winning documentary, TOWER. On August 1st, 1966, a sniper rode the elevator to the top floor of the University of Texas Tower and opened fire, holding the campus hostage for 96 minutes. When the gunshots were finally silenced, the toll included 16 dead, three dozen wounded, and a shaken nation left trying to understand. Combining archival footage with rotoscopic animation in a dynamic, never-before-seen way, TOWER reveals the untold stories of the witnesses and survivors of America's first mass school shooting, when the worst in one man brought out the best in so many others.

At this very moment, according to the Texas Penal Code, an individual is prohibited from intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly possessing or going with a firearm on the physical premises of a school or educational institution. Though, onAugust 1st of this year, all Texas state 4-year colleges and universities will effectively permit individuals who have obtained a concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry their loaded, concealed weapon on college and university buildings...

TOWER explores this untold history through the first-person stories of seven specific characters: two students who were shot that day, the two police officers who ended the siege, two civilians who inserted themselves into the story to provide aid to victims and police, and the radio reporter who broadcast live from the scene for more than an hour and a half, and whose broadcast was picked up nationally, bringing the events in Austin to listeners around the nation. Exploring the ways in which this tragedy affected our characters over a lifetime offers a window into the wide spectrum of human response and recovery. The importance of sharing one’s experience openly and creating community with fellow victims and witnesses is illustrated through the regrets and revelations of our characters over the course of fifty years.

Variety named Keith Maitland to their list of “10 Documakers to Watch”, this spring and hails the film as “A gripping dramatic reconstruction, a tribute to the heroes and the fallen…Keith Maitland’s film weaves rotoscopic animation, archival footage and present-day interviews into a uniquely cinematic memorial”, while Indiewire says “Keith Maitland’s strikingly original ‘TOWER’ recreates the drama with a mixture of animation and contemporary interviews, imbuing the catastrophe with renewed immediacy.”

Join us for this special screening in honor of the anniversary, and the day before UT Austin unveils its new memorial. The screening, which starts at 4:25pm will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers, survivors and eye witnesses of the shooting. Attending survivors include Claire Wilson James, John "Artly Fox, Ramiro "Ray" Martinez, Neal Spelce and Aleck Hernandez Jr. along with filmmakers Keith Maitland, Megan Gilbride, Craig Staggs and Pamela Colloff.

July 31, 4:25pm
Location: Bullock Museum
1800 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701

For More Information, please click here



The articles on this site are provided as a public service and to be used for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content. Use at your own risk.

No Endorsement: does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. Resources and links included in said articles are only suggested as sources for further exploration, but we cannot vouch for or take responsibility for information contained in these resources. The opinions and views of the authors who have submitted articles to belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of


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Complete Culture Radio

Complete Culture Radio is a new Radio Station in the Music Capital of the World.

  Complete Culture Radio


The articles on this site are provided as a public service and to be used for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article content. Use at your own risk.

No Endorsement: does not endorse or recommend any article on this site or any product, service or information found within said articles. Resources and links included in said articles are only suggested as sources for further exploration, but we cannot vouch for or take responsibility for information contained in these resources. The opinions and views of the authors who have submitted articles to belong to them alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of


Demographics of Austin, Texas

By Race



Native American



Total Population






Because Hispanics could be counted in other races, the totals above could possibly be more than 100%. If you would like a detailed listing of all ethnic groups in the U.S., please Click Here.


Famous Blacks from Austin, Texas


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Businesses in Austin, Texas

A small percentage of the businesses listed on may not necessarily be black owned and operated but have received favorable reviews from users who have visited the establishment, or from the owners themselves who warmly seek out African American patronage.


  1. Abella Salon -  Category: Hair Salon-  6406 N I H 35, Austin, Texas 78752 (512) 587-2070

  2. A-Le-Pre Salon -  Category: Hair Salon-  7408-F Cameron Road, Austin, Texas 78752 (512) 467-9616

  3. Ambiance Hair Design -  Category: Hair Salon-  5121 Cameron Road, Austin, Texas 78723 (512) 452-1955

  4. Ambient Tresses -  Category: Hair Salon-  7942 Great Northern Blvd., Austin, Texas 78758 (512) 485-1020

  5. A New Image Salon -  Category: Hair Salon-  8711 Burnet Rd. suite A-2, Austin, Texas 78757 (512) 785-9280

  6. Angel Hair Extensions -  Safe and Natural Hair Extensions -   (949) 707-8008  - (visit website)

  7. Avery Calloway -  Category: Realtor-   My mission is to obtain lifelong clients by providing unwavering high quality service, authentic communication, and creative solutions to their real estate needs.

    I help individuals and families fulfill their emotional and financial goals of home ownership, with respect to their needs, desires, timeframes and budgets. I work S.M.A.R.T. to negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions for my clients; which often extends beyond simply getting the lowest price for buyers, and the highest profit for sellers. With an emphasis on the human aspect of business, I offer consistent, positive, professional service with a smile. So whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease or invest, put Austin Agent Avery on the case!

    p.s. I love referrals! With access to an international network of skilled real estate professionals, I am able to assist clients relocating to and from Texas, as well as those within our beautiful state! .  12515-8 Research Blvd Suite 100 Austin, Texas (512) 710-9401  - (visit website)

  8. Before & After Healthy Hair Care -  Category: Hair Salon-  9422 Parkfield Drive, Austin, Texas (512) 977-0999

  9. Braids of Africa -  Category: Hair Salon-  5706 Manor Rd, Ste. B1 - located inside of Mitchie's, Austin, Texas 78723 (512) 771-4781

  10. Cheryl Way -  Category: Hair Care-  7942 Great Northern Blv suite # 33 - Austin, Texas (512) 485-1033

  11. Distinctively You -  Category: Hair Salon-  13343 HWY 183 North ste 149, Austin, Texas 78750 (512) 918-0500

  12. Ericka Nicole Studio -  Hair Extension Specialist-  2204 W. Anderson Lane - Austin, Texas (888) 262-9943

  13. exSALONce -  Category: Hair Salon-  8711 Burnet Rd, Austin, Texas 78758 (512) 680-1424

  14. exSALONce -  Category: Hair Salon-  9012 Research Blvd., Austin, Texas 78758 (512) 680-1424

  15. Foxilocks Natural Hair Care -  Foxilocks offers cuts, color, & a variety of styling services.-  6505 Manchaca Rd. - Austin, Texas (512) 445-9919

  16. Gabrielle's Salon and Spa -  "Austin's Premier Multicultural Salon"-  9012 Research Blvd (512) 323-0798  - (visit website)

  17. Gaston Barber & Beauty Palace -  Category: Barbers-  1903 Gaston Place Dr - Austin, Texas (512) 926-9591

  18. HCS Salon -  Full service menu includes haircuts for men & women, diverse hair care.-  1201 Barbara Jordan Blvd (512) 453-8348  - (visit website)

  19. Karla's Salon -  Category: Hair Care-    7901 Cameron Rd, STE 204 Bldg 3 Austin, TX 78754 (816) 714-6152  - (visit website)

    Karla's Salon

    Karla's Salon

  20. Kaylene Childers Natural Hair Care -  Category: Hair Care-  7950 Anderson Square - Austin, Texas (512) 452-1844

  21. Kingdom Kutz/Pro Barber -  Category: Barber-  Austin, Texas 78621 (512) 228-4748

  22. -  Category: Shave-   KleenShave is a premier online shaving products source for African Americans, and all shavers with pseudofolliculitis barbae.  2004 Delvin Lane Austin, Texas (800) 929-5960  - (visit website)

  23. exSALONce -  Category: Hair Salon-  9012 Research Blvd., Austin, Texas 78758 (512) 680-1424

  24. Nappy Edges Salon -  Category: Hair Salon -   515 W. 15th, Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 267-9990

  25. Nonye Hair Braiding -  Nonye Braids offers exceptional hair care to people from all backgrounds -  2307 Galway St (512) 524-7364  - (visit website)

  26. Phenomenal Hair and Skin -   Specialize in healthy hair: long, short, sew-in, quick weave, natural.  - 917 W. Anderson Sq # F - Austin, Texas (512) 791-5132

  27. Salon E -  Got The Bad Hair Blues? We Take Care Of You!-  7950 Anderson Sq Suite 102 - Austin, Texas (512) 452-1844

  28. The Bottom Line Hair Salon -  Category: Hair Salon -   1509 W. North Loop, Austin, Texas 78751 (512) 467-1509

  29. The Hair Clinic Salon -  Salon and beauty supply store located on one of the busiest streets in Austin! -  3016 Guadalupe St (512) 608-4016  - (visit website)

  30. Village Beauty & Barber Shop -  Category: Barbers-  1309 E 12th St - Austin, Texas (512) 236-8856

  31. Your Best Image -  Category: Beauty-   Come get expert advice & time-saving tips on grooming all hair types (especially Sisterlocks, Afros and bald heads), eyelash extensions, facial threading, and ear piercing. We feature the following industry leaders: CHI, Sisterlocks, Aquage, Biomega, Ultimate Face Cosmetics, and Coren PS.  6505 Manchaca Rd. Austin, Texas (512) 280-3731  - (visit website)



  1. Allstate Insurance -  Category: Insurance -   9800 North Lamar Ste 180, Austin, Texas 78753 (512) 653-6848

  2. Arbeba Temple No. 1 (AAONMS) Shriners -  Category: Community Services-   Arbeba Temple No. 1 is a non profit/community based organization that participates in community service, fund raisers and charity for the good of the community.  1017 East 11th Street Austin, Texas (512) 270-0738

  3. A Touch of Africa -  Category: Shopping-  Home Business, sell from my website and catalog parties at home. everything Africa, clothes, health products, Pure Shea Butter, Soaps, beauty products, Fabric, Drums, much more. 4 day delivery after orders made.   12820 N Lamar Blvd (512) 704-7809 Austin, Texas  - (visit website)

  4. Austin's Finest Janitorial Services, LLC -    Category: Janitorial Services-  (512) 608-8692 Austin, Texas  - (visit website)

  5. Bobby R. Taylor -  Category: Attorney -   1709 East MLK Blvd., Austin, Texas 78702 (512) 476-4886

  6. Carpitality -  Category: Transportation-   We offer convenient, reliable and luxurious transportation in the AUSTIN and BASTROP areas. CARPITALITY boasts a modern fleet of SUVs, passenger vans and buses - guaranteed safe, clean and on time.  Please call (512) 763-2068 or (512) 985-7933, and after 10pm (512) 321-3141. We're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  - (visit website)

  7. Fifth Dimension Books -  Category: Mobile Bookstore-   Fifth Dimension Books is a mobile bookstore that specializes in sci-fi, fantasy, and other fringe genres.   Austin, Texas (512) 872-9329  - (visit website)

  8. GJ's Mens Fashion -  Category: Apparel -   MEN"S AND BOYS" CLOTHING AND Accessory , Carry Name Brand Designer, Suits, Shirts, Ties, Shoes , Plus More!!   7801 North Lamar, Austin, TX. (512) 380-9322 - (visit website)

  9. Huston-Tillotson College -  Category: Historically Black College -   900 Chicon St, Austin, TX, 78702-2795 (512) 505-3000 - (visit website)

  10. Keith and Assoc. -  Category: Attorney -   605 W. Oltorf St., Austin, Texas 78704 (512) 288-0582

  11. Minister/LifeCoach -  Category: LifeCoach -   Looking for Speaking engagements. Please call and visit my site. My Life is My Ministry, Jesus said it, I Just Do It. Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor. Proverbs 21:21   - 12820 N Lamar Blvd Austin, Texas (512) 704-7809  - (visit website)

  12. Natalie Freeman -  Category: Realtor -  A University of Texas at Austin graduate who is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to those buying or selling real estate in the greater Austin area.   - 1801 S. Mopac Expwy. Ste. 100 | Austin, TX 78746 (512) 296-8805 - (visit website)

  13. Richard Adam Howard (Keller Williams) -  Category: Realtor-  My name is Richard Adam Howard and I am a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams Realty. My team and I would be glad to help you in your Real Estate transactions. I can help you buy and sell Real Estate with ease.   1801 S. Mopac EXPY Ste. 100 (512) 649-7707 Austin, Texas  - (visit website)

  14. Sunshades Window Tinting -  Category: Auto -   Call Sunshades Window Tinting for the highest-quality window tint in Austin. In Austin, TX, window tint and car stereos are our specialties. Call today.   - 12217 Roxie Drive, Austin, TX. (512) 249-8468  - (visit website)

  15. Super Supper Club (SSC) -  Category: Auto -  The Super Supper Club of Austin is a social club exclusively for women who enjoy cooking, learning to cook, or just all around good company. Our dinner parties are filled with great food, drinks, and entertainment!   - All over Austin and surrounding areas. Austin, TX (512) 644-6586  - (visit website)

  16. The Bedford Law Firm -  Category: Attorney -   111 Congress Avenue, Fourth Floor, Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 215-4835

  17. The Capitol Times -  Category: African American Newspaper -   1250 Capital of Texas Hwy, Two Cielo Center, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78746 (512) 499-8660

  18. The Villager -  Category: African American Newspaper -   1223-A Rosewood Avenue, Austin, TX, 78702 (512) 476-0082

  19. Zabulon Technology -  Category: Software Services -   9804 Cottle Dr. Austin, TX 78753 (512) 834-3520 - (visit website)


GJ's Mens Fashion



  1. African American Cultural Heritage District -  Category: Cultural -   I-35, E. 11th St., Rosewood Ave./Oak Springs Dr., Airport Blvd., and Manor Rd. Austin, TX

  2. George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center - -  Category: Museum -  1165 Angelina St - Austin, Texas (512) 974-4926   - (visit website)

  3. Mitchie's Gallery - - is central Texas' largest African and African American Art and Gift Gallery. -  7801 N Lamar Blvd - Austin, Texas (512) 323-6901   - (visit website)



  1. Aster's Ethiopian -   Ethiopian cuisine -   2804 N I-35, Austin, Texas (512) 469-5966 - (visit website)

  2. Ben's Longbranch BBQ -  Category: BBQ -   900 E. 11th St., Austin, Texas 78702 (512) 477-2516

  3. Catfish Parlour -   All-you-can-eat catfish with hushpuppies on the side is a true Southern experience. -   4705 E. Ben White, Austin, Texas (512) 443-1698

  4. Fish-R-Us -  Category: Seafood -   1401 B Rosewood, Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 322-9777

  5. Gene's New Orleans Style Poboys & Deli -  Category: Deli -  1209 East 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78702 (512) 477-6600

  6. Gumbo's Downtown -   Select appetizers are available at 1/2 off Monday through Friday -   710 Colorado St, Austin, Texas (512) 480-8053 - (visit website)

  7. Hoover's Cooking & Catering -   Home Cooking, Soul Food Restaurant -   2002 Manor Road - Austin, TX (512) 479-5006 - (visit website)

  8. It's All About You Catering -   Owner Mechelle Jackson started this company back in 2003 and did it just because she loved to cook. -   PO Box 144201, Austin, TX (512) 803-4659

  9. Mr. Catfish -  Category: Seafood -   1144 Airport Blvd. Ste 220 Austin, TX 78702 East Austin (512) 524-2020  - (reviews)

  10. Ms. B's Authentic Creole Cuisine -  Category: Creole -  8105 Mesa Dr., Austin, Texas 78759 (512) 372-9529

  11. Nubian Queen Lola's Cajun Soul Food Restaurant -   Nubian Queen Lola's Cajun Soul Food is a locally owned restaurant in Austin, Texas. -   1815 Rosewood Ave, Austin, Texas (512) 474-5652 - (visit website)

  12. Sam's BBQ -  Category: BBQ -  2000 East 12th Street, Austin, Texas 78702 (512) 478-0378

  13. World Beat Cafe -  Category: Cafe -  600 West Martin Luther KIng, Austin, Texas 78701 (512) 236-0197



15th Annual African American Community Heritage Festival 2014 - Austin Texas



black/african american opinion

Warrenn Dejean wrote:

Hi, I would like to volunteer to tutor African Americans algebra. If you don't know someone in need, please give me a lead.



Submissions on this website are provided for information purposes only. does not accept any responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the article, submissions content on this site or reliance by any person on the site's contents. Use at your own risk.

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  1. Anointed Zeal Ministries -  Non Profit ministry designed to empower other ministries to become effective in their communities; women empowerment and advocate for fatherhood initiatives.  11701 Metric Blvd. #1021 Austin, TX (512) 210-1659

  2. Austin Full Gospel Holy Temple -  4312 Gillis St, Austin, TX (512) 442-0264  - (visit website)

  3. Bridgeway Christian Koinonia Church -  Category: Black Churches -   10811 Pecan Park Blvd. Austin, TX 78750 (512) 586-8605  - (visit website)

  4. David Chapel Missionary Baptist Church -  2211 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, Austin, TX (512) 472-9748  - (visit website)

  5. Faith and Trust Community Bible Church -  4604 Aristocrat Dr, Austin, Texas (512) 928-2371  - (visit website)

  6. Great Calvary Baptist Church -  6510 Berkman Dr, Austin, Texas (512) 454-6170  - (visit website)

  7. Impact Christian Church -  1310 Salina St, Austin, Texas (512) 477-0224

  8. Metropolitan AME Church -  1101 E 10th St, Austin, Texas (512) 478-2857

  9. Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church -  5900 Cameron Road, Austin, TX (512) 451-0808  - (visit website)

  10. Neighborhood Bapist Church -  Category: Black Churches -   1812 E M Franklin Austin, TX 78721 (512) 928-3852

  11. New Hope AME Church -  4711 Delores Ave, Austin, Texas (512) 929-7166

  12. St. James Episcopal Church -  1941 Webberville Rd, Austin, Texas (512) 926-6339 - (visit website)

  13. Wesley United Methodist Church -  1164 San Bernard St, Austin, Texas (512) 478-7007



  1. Baby Acapulco -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Blues, Jazz, Latin, R&B   - 5610 North IH-35, Austin, TX 78751 (512) 302-1366   - (visit website)

  2. Beauty Bar -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -   Rap/Hip Hop, Rock   - 617 East Seventh Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 391-1943   - (visit website)

  3. Cedar Street Courtyard -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -   R&B, Rock   - 208 West Fourth Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 495-9669   - (visit website)

  4. Club Escapade 2000 -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -   Rap/Hip Hop, Mexican   - 6575 Decker Lane, Austin, TX 78724-4621 (512) 928-2939

  5. Club Fuze -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  505 Neches Austin, TX (512) 825-9191

  6. Club 1808 -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -   Rap/Hip Hop, Rock   - 1808 East 12th Street, Austin, TX 78702 (512) 524-2519

  7. ColdTowne Theater -  Category: Comedy -  4803 Airport Blvd - Austin, Texas (512) 524-2807 (512) 472-6662  - (visit website)

  8. De Ja Vu -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  115 San Jacinto Austin, TX (512) 465-2410

  9. Elephant Room -  Full Bar, over 20 different Drafts and Wine by the Glass. -  315 Congress Ave - Austin, Texas (512) 473-2279

  10. Emo's -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Punk, Rap/Hip Hop   - 603 Red River Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 477-3667   - (visit website)

  11. Fuel -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  607 Trinity Street, Austin, TX (512) 370-3835

  12. Iron Cactus North -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Pop, R&B   - 10001 Stonelake Blvd., Austin, TX 78759 (512) 794-8778  - (visit website)

  13. La Palapa -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Country, R&B   - 6640 Highway 290, Austin, TX 78723 (512) 459-8729  - (visit website)

  14. MidTown Live -  Category: Nightclubs -  7408 Cameron Road, Austin, Texas 78752 (512) 451-5483

  15. ND at 501 Studios -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Rap/Hip Hop, Rock   - 501 North IH-35, Austin, TX 78702 (512) 485-3001  - (visit website)

  16. Red Fez -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  209 W. 5th Street # B Austin, TX (512) 478-5120   - (visit website)

  17. Six -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  117 W 4th St - Austin, Texas (512) 472-6662  - (visit website)

  18. Southside Saloon -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Latin Pop, Rap/Hip Hop   - 1502 West Ben White Blvd., Austin, TX 78704 (512) 443-6000

  19. Speakeasy -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  R&B   - Austin, TX 78768-4847 (512) 476-8017   - (visit website)

  20. TC's Lounge -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  1413 Webberville Rd - Austin, Texas (512) 926-2200

  21. The Archive Lounge -  Category: Lounge -  - 6406 IH 35 N suite 1600, Austin, Texas 78752 (512) 452-1114

  22. The Belmont -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -   R&B, Rock   - 305 West Sixth Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 457-0300   - (visit website)

  23. The Dizzy Rooster -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -   R&B, Rock   - 306 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 709-1551   - (visit website)

  24. The Drink -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Jazz, Rap/Hip Hop   - 325 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 236-0050   - (visit website)

  25. The Ghost Room -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Acoustic, Jazz, R&B   - 304 West Fourth Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 879-4472  - (visit website)

  26. The Parish -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Rap/Hip Hop, Rock   - 214-C East Sixth Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 473-8381  - (visit website)

  27. The Studio -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  5804 IH 35 North Austin, TX (512) 467-7900  - (visit website)

  28. Venue 222 -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  , Rock, Rap/Hip Hop   - 222 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 477-2237

  29. Victory Grill -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Blues, R&B   - 1104 East 11th Street, Austin, TX 78702 (512) 902-5057  - (visit website)

  30. 290 West -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  R&B, Rock   - 12013 US Highway 290 West, Austin, TX 78737 (512) 288-0808  - (visit website)

  31. 311 Club -  Category: Nightclubs/Venues -  Blues, R&B, Rock   - 311 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 477-1630 (512) 443-6000



  1. Austin Reggae Festival -  (April) 1794 West Riverside Drive At Auditorium Shores in Austin Texas    - (visit website)

    A celebration that brings together incredible music, tasty foods, arts & crafts, plus premium people-watching.




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