Newark, New Jersey

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A Taste of Newark, New Jersey

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  1. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey, United States, and the county seat of Essex County. Newark has a population of 278,154, making it the largest municipality in New Jersey and the 65th largest city in the U.S.

  2. Newark is New Jersey's largest and second-most diverse city, after neighboring Jersey City. Its neighborhoods are populated with people from various backgrounds, such as African Americans, Portuguese, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Italians, Albanians, Irish, Spaniards, Jamaicans, Mexicans, West Africans, Brazilians, Trinidadians, Haitians, Asians, Ecuadorians, Peruvians, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Guyanese population. This ethnically diverse city is divided into five wards, and contains a variety of neighborhoods ranging in character from bustling urban districts to quiet suburban enclaves.

  3. The Central Ward also used to be known as the old Third Ward contains much of the city's original history including the Lincoln Park, Military Park and the James Street Commons Historic Districts. In the 19th century the Central Ward was inhabited by Germans. The German inhabitants were later replaced by Jews, who were then replaced by blacks.

  4. The South Ward, once home to residents of predominately Jewish descent, now has ethnic neighborhoods made up primarily of African-Americans, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans.

  5. Newark has been marred with episodes of political corruption throughout the years. Five of the last seven Mayors of Newark have been indicted on criminal charges, including the last three Mayors: Hugh Addonizio, Kenneth Gibson, and Sharpe James. Kenneth Gibson, the city's first African American mayor, elected in 1970. He pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion in 2002 as part of a plea agreement on fraud and bribery charges. During his tenure as Mayor in 1980, he was tried and acquitted of giving out no-show jobs by an Essex County jury.

  6. The Newark Museum is the largest in New Jersey. It has a first-class American art collection and its Tibetan collection is considered one of the best in the world. The museum also contains science galleries, a planetarium, a mini zoo, a gallery for children's exhibits, a fire museum, a sculpture garden and an 18th century schoolhouse. Also part of the museum is the historic John Ballantine House, a restored Victorian mansion which is a National Historic Landmark. The museum co-sponsors the Newark Black Film Festival, which has premiered numerous films since its founding in 1974.

  7. Prior to the opening of the performing arts center, Newark Symphony Hall was home to the New Jersey Symphony, the New Jersey State Opera, and the Garden State Ballet, which stills maintains an academy there. The 1925 neo-classic building, originally built by the Shriners, has three performance spaces, including the main concert named in honor of famous Newarker Sarah Vaughn. The venue programs rhythm and blues, rap, hip-hop, and gospel music concerts, and is part of the modern day Chitlin circuit.

  8. Plans were announced for a new Smithsonian-affiliated Museum of African American Music to be built in the city's Coast/Lincoln Park neighborhood. The museum will be dedicated to black musical styles, from gospel to rap. The new museum will incorporate the facade of the old South Park Presbyterian Church, where Abraham Lincoln once spoke.

  9. Newark has cold winters and very warm to hot, humid summers. Its proximity to the ocean has a moderating effect. The January average is 31.3 F, and temperatures down to the 15 F range are not uncommon. With a seasonal total of 26 inches, snow cover does not usually remain for long. Spring in the area is of reasonable length and relatively devoid of temperature extremes. Summers are particularly hot and humid, with a July average of 77.2 F, and highs exceeding 90 F on an average 25 days per year.

Radio Stations
WBGO 88.3 FM Newark, NJ Jazz
WKCR 89.9 FM New York, NY Variety
WFMU 91.1 FM East Orange, NJ Variety
WXRK 92.3 FM New York, NY Top-40
WQHT 97.1 FM New York, NY Hip Hop
WHTZ 100.3 FM Newark, NJ Top-40
WKXW 101.5 FM Trenton, NJ News/Talk
WKTU 103.5 FM Lake Success, NY Urban Contemporary
WWPR 105.1 FM New York, NY Hip Hop

Demographics of Newark, New Jersey

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submitted articles


Taneshia Nash Laird
Ms. Laird brings her formidable experience as an entrepreneur and public speaker to the groundbreaking organization AEA.

NEWARK, NJ--Taneshia Nash Laird, an acclaimed community economic development specialist, has been named to the Advisory Board of the nonprofit Athletes Economic Alliance (AEA), which seeks to provide economic empowerment for athletes and performing artists, with an emphasis on financial and business education. Ms. Laird brings her formidable experience as an entrepreneur and public speaker to this groundbreaking organization, where she joins several current and former professional athletes, celebrities, and other luminaries who lead by example through their competitive success in the corporate arena.

Ms. Laird takes her place alongside TV One anchorman Roland Martin, NBA veteran Junior Bridgeman, who rose from the plywood courts to preside over a $400 million restaurant empire, and Ed O'Bannon, a former NCAA and NBA star who successfully litigated a class-action lawsuit against the collegiate league, which incorporated his image in video games without compensating O'Bannon for its use.

Ms. Laird brings a wealth of accomplishments to this new position, including decades of experience as a dynamic leader in public and private-sector community revitalization and strategic communications, enlightening and educating businesswomen from a wide range of professions and industries. As the CEO of Legacy Business Advisors, a strategic think tank that guides government agencies and social entrepreneurs alike, in communications strategies, business development, and economic development, Ms. Laird and her associates take an active role in the financial health of the community. She also works hard to promote Newark's physical health, taking a major role in building the Dunbar Center for Kidney Dialysis and Wellness, a $20 million facility which will address the critical need for a 24/7 nephrology and hemodialysis clinic, and create 175 new Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics (STEM) jobs for the city.

Legacy Business Advisors has offices in Newark and Trenton, NJ and serves clients across the country.

Ms. Laird is a co-owner of My Image Studios (MIST) Harlem in New York City, a multimillion-dollar entertainment complex, and co-wrote the critically-acclaimed anthropological volume, Still I Rise: A Graphic History Of African-Americans. In 2014, she was tapped to serve as Regional Director for the US Women's Chamber Of Commerce, and is active on the boards of numerous cultural and economic groups, including Art Pride of New Jersey Foundation, Advocates for New Jersey History, and the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Authority to which he was appointed by NJ Governor Jon Corzine in 2008.

Rounding out Ms. Laird's portfolio are her work as a Business Advisor to Felician College, and as a Senior fellow with the Eastern Regional Network of the Environmental Leadership Program. In October 2015, she toured across New York and New Jersey, speaking at signature events such as Women Entrepreneurs: Driving innovation through Diversity at Berkeley College, at the Black Women Trailblazers In Media awards gala in Newark, and at Trenton Business week, where Ms. Laird spoke about the impact of women in business on the state's economic health, all as part of Women's Entrepreneurship Week. She also appeared on panel discussions in New York City and Washington, DC for the Catalyst Network Foundation addressing the challenges faced by Black and Latino athletes in business and contemporary society. And in November Ms. Laird appeared as a commentator on WWOR-TV My 9's New Jersey Now program, talking about the role of women as entrepreneurs.

As the sole female member of AEA's Advisory Board, Ms. Laird will work to further its mission of bringing athletes and entertainers the educational tools they need to develop their personal wealth as well as their business presence in a fast-changing corporate marketplace. "One of my goals is that as our group grows, so will the number of women on the advisory board of this new organization," Ms. Laird states proudly. "Until then, I will represent."

Follow Ms. Laird at Instagram: TANESHIANASHLAIRD & Twitter: @taneshia


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Businesses in Newark, New Jersey

A small percentage of the businesses listed on may not necessarily be black owned and operated but have received favorable reviews from users who have visited the establishment, or from the owners themselves who warmly seek out African American patronage.


  1. Black & White Beauty Salon Inc -  Category: Black Hair Supply -   42 Ferry St, Newark, NJ

  2. Creations Between Us Hair Studio -  Category: Black Hair Salons -   410 Lyons Avenue, Newark, NJ (973) 282-1300

  3. Growing Hands Braiding -  Category: Black Hair Salons -   361 Grove St, Newark, NJ (973) 371-2300

  4. HairLift HairCare -  Category: Black Hair Salons -   Sanford Avenue Newark, NJ (862) 224-2647

  5. Kiydiah Children's Salon & Boutique -  Category: Black Hair Salons -   83 Halsey St., Newark, NJ (973) 643-6677

  6. Yonni's Salon 1026 -  Category: Black Hair Salons -   1026 So Orange Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 230-6921



  1. Celeste Bateman & Associates -  Category: Speakers/Performers -  P.O. Box 4071 Newark, NJ 07114 (973) 705-8253 - (visit website)

  2. Horizons Bookstore -  Category: Black Book Stores -  171-169 B Market Street, Newark, NJ 07102

  3. Penn Station Bookstore -  Category: Black Book Stores -  1 Raymond Plaza West, Newark, NJ 07102

  4. Priority Wedding Service -  Category: Bridal Consultant -  233 W. Market Street Newark, NJ 07101 (201) 242-8012

  5. The Three Doctors, LLC -  Category: Inspirational -  65 Hazelwood Avenue Newark, New Jersey 07106 (908) 625-3441 - (visit website)

  6. TIM African Rest -  Category: Black Book Stores -   506 Orange St, Newark, NJ 07107 (973) 230-9187

  7. Wedding Flowers -  Category: Wedding -  Selling handmade weddings bouquets and Ring pillows and edible brooches for wedding cakes.   - 95 Lindsley Ave. Newark, New Jersey (347) 926-3579  - (visit website)



  1. Chamblee's Square Restaurant -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  596 Hunterdon St., Newark, NJ 07102 (973) 824-8725

  2. D & J Country Cooking -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  363 Madison Ave. corner of Madison & 18th Street, Newark, NJ 07108 (973) 399-8999

  3. D&S Kitchen -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  Newark, NJ 07112 (973) 951-6801

  4. Elon's Caribbean Soul Restaurant -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  317 Sanford Avenue, Newark, NJ (973) 416-5700

  5. Food for Soul -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  349 Sanford Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 374-5502

  6. Food for Your Soul Southern Food and Catering CO Inc -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  579 South Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ (973) 373-8882

  7. J E'S Restaurant -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  260 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ (973) 623-8848

  8. John's Place -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  24 Wright St., Newark, NJ 07101 (973) 824-9233

  9. Juicy's Soul Food -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  98 9th Ave W, Newark, NJ (973) 688-8038

  10. Little May African Resturaunt -  Category: African Cuisine -   250 S Orange Ave, Newark, NJ 07103 (973) 792-0400

  11. Mimi African Restaurant -  Category: African Cuisine -   55 William St, Newark, NJ 07102 (973) 424-9996

  12. Nubian Flavor Restaurant -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  410 Springfield Ave., Newark, NJ 07101 (973) 242-2238

  13. Priory Restaurant -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  233 W. Market St., Newark, NJ 07101 (973) 242-8012

  14. Soul Bbq -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  169 Avenue A, Newark, NJ (973) 621-9494

  15. Soul Delicious Express -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  1006 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ (973) 923-0933

  16. Sweet Potatos Grill & Soul Food Restaurant -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  821 Sanford Ave, Newark, NJ 07106 (973) 371-3700

  17. The Soul Food Factory -  Category: Soul Food Restaurants -  683 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 991-0156  - (visit website)



Newark New Jersey's Project Porchlight "Salute to Success" event took place on June 3 at Military Park. The event was a celebration of One Change's Project Porchlight campaign in New Jersey, which has reached over 1,000,000 homes in the state.



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  1. Allen AME Church Inc -  56 19th Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 373-7753

  2. Bethany Baptist Church -  275 West Market Street, Newark, NJ (973) 623-8161 - (visit website)

  3. Beulah Grove Baptist Church -  59-63 Springdale Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 482-4054  - (visit website)

  4. Clinton Memorial AME Zion -  151 Broadway, Newark, NJ (973) 481-6142

  5. Greater Mount Teman AME Church -  160 Madison Ave, Newark, NJ (908) 351-2625

  6. Israel Memorial A M E Church -  54 Lincoln Park, Newark, NJ (973) 642-6048

  7. Mount Olive A M E Zion Church -  41 Stone St, Newark, NJ (973) 268-1399

  8. St. James AME Church -  588 Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd., Newark, NJ (973) 622-1344 - (visit website)

  9. St Luke AME Church -  146 Clinton Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 623-8112

  10. St Mark AME Church -  587 Springdale Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 674-5859

  11. St Matthew A M E Church -  336 Oakwood Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 678-1217

  12. St Matthew's United Methodist Church -  283 S. Orange Ave, Newark, NJ (973) 624-2484

  13. St Paul AME Church -  15 Sanford St, Newark, NJ (973) 677-1797

  14. The New Hope Baptist Church -  106 Sussex Avenue, Newark, NJ (973) 622-4547  - (visit website)



  1. Sugar Rays House of Comedy -  Category: Entertainment -   10 Park Place, Newark, NJ (973) 623-5700  - (visit website)



  1. The Newark Black Film Festival -  Six week free event (JUN-AUG)    Newark Museum, 49 Washington Street - General Information: (973) 596-6550 - (visit website)

    The festival is a showcase for films that focus on the experiences and concerns of contemporary African Americans, as well as an outlet for films about the African American experience from earlier eras.

  2. Black Maria Film and Video Festival -  Category: Film Festival -   Newark NJ  - (visit website)

  3. Newark Black Film Festival -  Category: Events -   Newark NJ  - (visit website)

  4. Sarah Vaughan Competition -  Category: Jazz Competition -   The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), Larry Rosen Productions (LRP), and Concord Music Group announce a landmark agreement to provide an exclusive recording contract offer to record and release an album on Concord Records to the winner of the Sarah Vaughan International jazz Vocal Competition, now known as the SASSY awards.  - (visit website)




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