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Listing your business or organization on the world wide web has never been easier! offers an expedient and easy way for your business or organization to be found in major search engines, and there are no up-front or hidden costs involved. That’s right, you read correctly. This service is provided to you, our new valued customer, at absolutely no cost to you.

 african american businesses is dedicated to promoting black-owned enterprises by assisting business owners, organization leaders and the like in receiving as much exposure as possible through disseminating information about themselves via the world wide web with no cost incurred by the listee.

Possibilities are limitless when you list through's bristling business community as your business will become well known within many geographical markets, and you will be tapped into a powerful and innovative way of reaching both local and distant customers.

Whether someone wants to know who’s on your Board of Directors, Who’s Who in your organization, past financial donors, statistical information or just whether your restaurant has the best prime rib in town, is here to place you firmly in the cyber network.

Your web listing includes a directory listing on the community website. All set-up and hosting fees are included. Take advantage of the hassle-free method of exposing your business or organization to people surfing the web all over the world by listing with What the world is missing is information about YOU!  

(optional) If sending pictures, please in jpg/jpeg or gif format only.

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